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"Let somebody finally stop the world, I am getting off…"- a short essay about running ( at work and in life)
Sure enough, you know the people that: work full time, have a small kid or kids, are conscious socially, are involved in post-graduate studies, learn a foreign language or two, run marathons etc.... You look at them and wonder how they manage to do all this? How do they manage to find time? You are still running from place to place and still you cannot do everything what they do. A minute chases a minute and you are running after your own shadow…
Holidays on your own – how to save on traveling?!
You want to see the world, but looking at the offer of travel agents you grab your head and think - Oh gosh! How expensive it is! Then you abandon dreams of distant trips and spend your vacation in the city or on the plot by your town?It does not have to be like this!
Trainee at arvato
For people with no experience, who are just about to graduate from College, it will be a great opportunity to try their hand at an ideal profession. At this stage the sufficient motivation, desire and experience matching the chosen field of study are enough. The next step is to get through the recruitment process. But then it is only a downhill ride:)
Recruitment is Maths.
What are HR specialists looking for?
Emotional Inteligence
For many years we have heard about the dominance of emotional intelligence, referred to as EQ, over the so-called academic intelligence, or the famous IQ.
Managing a project - what is it?
Projects are a concept that appears often in today's organizations. So what exactly are projects and what it means to manage a project?
COLD or SMART? That is the question!
People connected with the sale are well aware of the concepts such as cold and smart calling. The question asked in the title of this article is very easy for them because it has a direct effect on their work results.
Contact Center - what is it?
There are different categories of contact centers, depending on their functions and ongoing operations.
First listen then talk
We have a number of senses at our disposal. We use them for receiving stimuli from the environment, but also to communicate. Thanks to them, we hear, speak, feel, touch, see. Are we able to use all of them in every situation? It seems that in a call center only two of them are important. Is it really so?
The secret of success
We are all success-oriented. Every day, we try to learn from others how to be successful. But will the success of others be also ours? Will the way they achieved success be good for you?
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