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We are Eco-Conscious

 Do we all know the smell of the earth and air after a storm? Do we know the trill of a skylark on a sunny day?

 For sure, but do we all realize that these odors and sounds of the nature may soon be present only in our memories and gradually fade away to become impossible to reproduce one day? And what about the generations that will succeed us? For them these sensations will be completely strange …
According to scientist, we must hurry not to bring about an ecological catastrophe. We must take firm steps.
For this reason, within the social responsibility program, Bertelsmann arvato decided to organize the International “Be Green” Day on the 31st of May 2010. A number of the so-called green initiatives were implemented with the aim to draw the attention of the company’s employees to environmental protection problems and to involve them into collective pro-ecological initiatives.
In relation with this, arvato services Poland announced a big ecological competition aimed to gather ideas for ecological initiatives, based on which decisions on actions were taken on the 31st of May.
Let’s see a few of them:
  •  “Are you aware that …?” Eco-Quiz
  • The campaign of collecting unnecessary mobile phones in order to deliver them to a company recycling them
  • The ”Green Zloty” campaign, during which we collected the symbolic Zloty for ecological causes, i.e. Baltic seals, to speak more precisely
  • The “Segregation” camping, i.e. the purchase of waste segregation and used batteries bins for all the localizations and additional information on correct segregation
  • The “Education” campaign, which consisted in ECO information posters
  • The “Pass the Newspaper” campaign with the aim to limit the purchase of newspapers and thus – saving paper
  • The “Give your Colleague a Lift to Work” campaign limiting the emission of fumes
  • The “Be Green Today” campaign during which each Employee could use a green element of clothing that day.
The weekend preceding the “Be Green” Day on the 29th of May 2010, an ECO Child’s Day was organized for the little ones.
The “Be Green” Day at arvato is just the beginning of pro-ecological actions of the company and its Employees. Most of them will be continued this year on the 31st of May. New initiatives will be undertaken as well. More to be announced soon …


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