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The New Zoo 2013 Campaign

arvato Polska, as part of the International World Cleaning Day, co-organized the Poznan ZOO cleaning campaign. On Saturday September 21, a group of 24 volunteers from arvato, together with their companions and representatives of other companies (altogether there were over 150 people), gathered to restore the most neglected places in New ZOO. The participants, regardless of their interests and the fact that it was a day off, swiftly took to the tasks assigned to them beforehand. Including:

- painting benches,

- painting the fence next to the flamingos,

- painting the fence at the runway for rhinos,

- planting plants and trees,

- cleaning the children's garden.

It is worth noting that all the tools, paints and plants, were brought by volunteers. The total time spent by the participants amounted to about 150 man-hours. It is no wonder that after such an effort each one deserved a decent, warm meal. arvato (along with co-organizers) took care that the volunteers were not hungry and provided them a comprehensive catering. They grill a sausage or roast it at the bonfire, have a pie or soup and drink beverages. Each participant received a voucher valued PLN 30 to freely spend on food and drinks.

After refreshment, volunteers could participate in a field game. The game combined the skills of efficient field orientation and puzzle solving. There was a lot of fun! At the end of the game all participants received a diploma, and the best team was awarded a symbolic cup.

After an eventful day, filled with the feeling of fulfillment and good deeds, some volunteers went home, while others spent the rest of the sunny day enjoying happier animals in the Poznań New ZOO.

Marcin Kwiatkowski

PR and Image Building Specialist

What does CSR stand for?

It means Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible business is a voluntary strategy including social, ethical and ecological aspects in running a business activity and in contacts with interested parties (among others, with employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, local community). CSR is business’s contribution to the realization of the strategy of sustained economic development and to running a company the priority of which is to achieve balance between efficiency and profitability and social interest.
CSR in arvato
As part of Bertelsmann AG, arvato Polska acts in a socially responsible way, among others, through Bertelsmann Foundation aimed at identifying social problems at their early stages as well as creating and implementing optimal preventive solutions. The Foundation operates all over the world. In Poland, the Foundation established, among others, two modern media libraries (Mediateka in Wrocław and another library in Olsztyn). Their purpose is to promote reading habits.
What is more, we follow the Group’s Code of Conduct
arvato in Poland also acts in a pro-social manner by undertaking different campaigns, such as:


  • always timely salary payments
  • maintaining stable employment and work safety
  • ensuring development opportunities to employees:
1.     internal and external training system (e.g. EFS 2006-2008)
2.     Bertek and Short Lessons in logistics centers
3.    Talents Academy in contact centers


  • constant care about high standards of services:
  1. ISO 9001:2000
  2. COPC
  3. 5S (sorting, setting in order, systematic cleaning, standardization, self-discipline) as a TQM element
  4. the years 2008/2009 as years of operational excellence – processes optimization
  5. customer satisfaction surveys (internal surveys – logistics, NPS/CS – call center)
  • clear, transparent and fair tender principles

responsible and reliable communication with business partners


  • “Time for Reading” Campaign (with the purpose to support the culture of reading in Poland; as a logistics partner of the undertaking, arvato was responsible for free-of-charge packing of books ordered by libraries (approx. 2500 packages)
  • The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy)
  • “Orzeszek” Kindergarten – regular financial support
  • Support for public schools – books for school libraries
  • Computers for the Primary School in Szreniawa
  • “Santa Claus”/”Easter Bunny” Campaigns – every year we collect toys, sweets and other products among arvato’s employees to donate them to an orphanage, a hospice or another non-governmental institution
  • Support for UNICEF
  • “Equalization of Opportunities” Association (Stowarzyszenie “Wyrównywanie szans”) – support for a Christmas project – renovation of a kindergarten near Szczecin for children from poor families
  • A “Drop” Campaign organized in Szczecin – arvato’s employees bought anti-stress balls in the shape of a water drop, supporting “I collect water” initiative of the Polish Humanitarian Action – construction of potable water wells in Africa
  • Printing 500 leaflets for Akita Foundation in want – 1%
  • A bottle cap campaign – collecting plastic bottle caps among employees – support for treatment of Daria
  • Be green Day in arvato, May 31st
  • waste (i.e. paper, plastic, toners) generated by the company are passed on to a specialist company, where they are reused and recycled in accordance with an act issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • material use during manufacturing processes is constantly monitored – constant optimization of packages; most packages used by arvato are manufactured from recycled materials
  • arvato Group’s Environmental Report and related initiatives   
  • support for the 5th and 6th edition of the Regional Business Leader Competition organized by the Regional Economic Chamber in Lublin


Charity Work (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy – The Great Orchestra for Christmas Charity)

arvato Polska also  supports a charity organization called The Great Orchestra for Christmas Charity (that provides  courses in CPR and ECC, and the equipment and use of high technology for medical lifesaving). Traditionally as well as in 2011 we have supported The Great Orchestra for Christmas Charity. The Volunteers received stationary supplies as well as delicious sandwiches. Additionally, every year we provide Plewiska with books for auction – all proceeds go towards the GOCC).

Animals want to have Christmas too

Just before Christmas, in December 2010, in all of our arvato centres we organized a collection of used and new items essential for the animals in shelters to survive the winter.
Thanks to the immense engagement and generosity of our Employees we were able to donate countless essentials to the shelters.
Below you can see the short summary showing the size of the engagement and the effects of the combined efforts of arvato Polska Employees to help the animal shelters.

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