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The first day of work in arvato is at the same time the first step on the path of the Employee’s development.

Trainings, workshops, active forms of experience sharing, coaching and mentoring -  various forms of education support the arvato Employees on the path of professional and personal development.
Following the Confucius’ motto: ‘Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember’ Involve me and I’ll understand’, the team of coaches apply various forms of education and put emphasis on its practical aspect, anchoring the trainings in the everyday context of the contact center.
Apart from product and induction trainings, we offer trainings in the area of customer service, personal development, soft skills, trainings for managers as well as technical trainings.
Soft skill trainings develop skills which are necessary not only at work, but also in private life, such as: self-assertion, effective communication, creative solution finding or stress management.
Managerial trainings prepare Employees for further tasks on their path of professional career.
Training projects are developed on the basis of multi-aspect analysis of needs.
The projects are conducted by a team of internal coaches and in cooperation with the best coaching institutions on the market.
In addition to the development system implemented through trainings, workshops or coaching, within the framework of internal program of practice, arvato provides its Employees with an opportunity of in-depth learning about various organisational; departments and practical experience of proving themselves as soft skill coaches, experts in PR or other areas.
arvato implements projects on searching and development of potentials, supported by relevant training projects.  
Opinions given by participants of creativity workshops
Excellent level of training.
These were the best trainings in my life, really!


Trainings in arvato

Arvato Polska puts a lot of emphasis on development of Employees’ competences and knowledge.

Therefore, every year analysis of Employees’ training needs is carried out, and on its basis, training program is created.
For instance, in 2010, 30 types of trainings were held, which were attended by 370 Employees from all areas of our company. The topics of trainings, among others, were:
  • communication
  • team work
  • team management
  • time management
  • quality
  • conflicts
  • stress and change
  • professional presentation
  • customer service
  • negotiations
  • sales
  • leadership
  • creative business thinking
  • improvement of managerial and training skills
Apart from the aforesaid trainings, organised centrally, Employees also participated in indispensible specialist trainings, such as HR, accounting and IT trainings.
Currently, after analysing the needs, we will start another edition of trainings for Employees from all areas and locations. This year we would like to focus on dedicated trainings for Employees from specific departments/areas. Therefore, we will carry out the most essential trainings, while preserving a uniform level of participants within the area of specific groups. Remembering about integration and good cooperation, we will also ensure trainings for mixed groups, i.e. for Employees from different areas and locations.


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