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Practices and interns

What are the kinds of practices? What requirements must be met to be admitted to internship at arvato? What do we focus on while recruiting interns? What do we expect from the candidates and what we can give them instead? What can be learned and what features influence it - these questions and many others will be answered by Anna Drzycimska – Recruitment Coordinator Department

“arvato has several internship programmes. Depending on the field in which the internship is to be included, we create optimal configurations by choosing methods selectively. One of them is a programme of internal internships/practices addressed to our employees. Their aim is to allow consultants to learn about arvato and themselves by transferring them to another department and work in a practically new environment, among other people. The starting criterion is the motivation of the candidate i.e. engagement and belief that this is the field they connect their future and interests with.
As an example of internal programmes, I can state two that have been introduced at arvato “Soft Skills Trainer” and practice programme in the department of Account & Quality “Path to Career”.
The aim of these programmes is the selection of the persons who possess soft skills and potential for their development in the aforementioned areas of CC administration. Experience is the key issue as the interns are to gain it with us. How? For example, SST practices are finished with training - designed, prepared and conducted by the intern within the subject that they have chosen. All required soft skills are specified, depending on the field, in which we organise the internship. They are defined and presented each time along with the description of the programme at the moment of commencement. Each programme is connected with completing the recruitment and selection process, which finishes with choosing one or more interns. Internships last from one to several months.
When the internship finishes, the participants return to their duties in the Contact Center. The consultant, who has new experience, knows this kind of work, becomes a significant candidate for a vacancy in this department in which they completed their internship, but not only. The intern presented their skills and thanks to this, the HR Department may recommend them in other internal recruitments. Additionally, interns may check themselves in other programmes as an addition to the practice programme. It was like that in case of the SST Programme, in which the candidates who did not qualify for the internship but positively presented during recruitment could participate in the established Trainer Academy. Within the scope of internal practices, it is important that a candidate for internship or intern emphasise their presence as the person who wants to cooperate with arvato and develop themselves, by means of their work, engagement and taking some initiatives.
The greatest profit of internal practices is the opportunity of learning their own skills and possibilities of using them. The opportunity of working in a different environment allows answering a question - whether my professional profile or me match here or I should choose something different/other faculty of studies?
The second kind of internships, which we offer at arvato in the field of Contact Center are external practices, which are offered to students not working for arvato. During external practices, we follow other guidelines. The first criterion is the faculty of studies. We gave an opportunity for an intern to combine theory with practice. Students may gain experience and practical knowledge in the field which they study. It is important for us, that our future intern could understand the functions which are performed by a particular department to which they apply and could learn about the things which they would handle as well as the skills that are to be developed. These programmes are really rare as all internship vacancies are taken because we encourage our employees to participate.
Both practice programmes give the students the same chances for future employment in the department in which they finished internship.

Basia Behnke – Junior Specialist on Quality and Training

Basia started with the Department of Back Office.  Internship in the position of Soft Skills Trainer will soon commence. 


“My friend encouraged me to apply to arvato. I have liked it very much since the beginning.   I applied because I wanted to earn more and develop myself.  Good opinion prevailed.

I study psychology and may be because of that I was always trying to provide the Client with an adequate and satisfied reply.  Internal recruitment for the position of QC (Quality Checker) interested me so much since I had very good quality results.  My position as a Quality Checker allowed me to familiarise with the specificity of work from different perspectives.

The recruitment for the Internship Programme on Soft Skills Trainer was another stage in my career.  Thanks to various trainings, in which I participated, I felt prepared for that and as a result I decided to apply. 

arvato gives me a practical skill of using my knowledge.  Occupational psychology is my passion and I believe it will be my future.  Thanks to that company, I was able to take first professional steps in this field.  I was offered to take a position of a Back Office trainer.  My duties include both training new staff and respond to any training needs of the present consultants.  Participating in Soft Skill Trainer internship will be an ideal complement to my competences.  I expect broadening my professional experience and acquiring practical skills.

I like the availability of various career paths while working for arvato,.  People who have aspirations may develop in their direction.  It is greatly arranged”.


Marcin Kwiatkowski - intern in the Department of PR and Marketing

Marcin started his adventure with arvato 9 months ago within the project easyJet. While working in the Contact Center, he decided to broaden his skills and joined the internal internship programme.  As it turned out later, it was it.

“At the beginning I knew little about arvato.  Then, when my fiancée was employed here, I became convinced to this company.  I saw, that she was satisfied with her job and a good company’s attitude towards employees.  I wanted to try and applied to Contact Center. 

Once I saw a poster - win internship in PR and Marketing Department.  I joined the recruitment for two reasons.  At first, it was strictly connected with my education and interests.  Secondly, I wanted to check myself in this field.  I was extremely happy when it turned out that I won and was given such an opportunity from arvato. 

As every young employee, I want to develop myself.  I believe that a person who is professionally satisfied goes to work smiling, and the work makes him happy.  Since I work for arvato - I feel like that! I am an open-minded person and I love tasks which are to be achieved with a team or designing the tools which will be helpful to my colleagues and the company.

Working in CC, I thought differently of higher structures.  It was my first positive surprise - everybody calls each other by name and there is no division into the better and the worse”. Moreover, applying for internship, I wasn’t sure which things I would be dealing with and which projects I would be working on.  I was glad that it turned out that I can develop my skills connected with designing in graphical software.   What’s more, it was assessed positively and now used by the company. 

Arvato’s internship is a good start to further development and job satisfaction.  Gained experience is so important and I believe in my skills and know that someday the smile will not only be mine but also appear on my Employer’s face!”


Kasia Napierała – Specialist on Quality Control

Kasia has been working for the company for almost 3 years.  At the beginning, she worked as a consultant in the Department of Back Office where she dealt with Customers’ complaints and notifications.  After a six month break, she came back to overhead support as a Quality Checker.  She is constantly developing her skills.  She has finished a trainer internship recently. 

“My college friend told me about arvato.  I have worked here for more than 2.5 years.  At the beginning, the career path was not so much defined as it is now.   I was very good in terms of quality and good in terms of efficiency.  I have always wanted to provide the Customer was with the best, comprehendible and most professional reply.   After working 1.5 years as a consultant, I left it due to personal reasons.  However, the break did not change my career within the company.  The company contacted and offered me a job in a different position.  I came back after six months.  My skills and pluses were remembered and arvato decided to hire me in a more optimal way for both parties.  Since arvato is a very dynamically developing company, I had to make up for my six month break. 

With the framework of my duties as a Quality Checker, I found a bent for being a trainer in myself – and as a result I applied for the arvato Internship Programme of Soft Skills Trainer.

My present job gives me a lot of satisfaction.  Thanks to participating in the Internship Programme of Soft Skills Trainer, I gained an opportunity of shaping and developing my trainer competences and obtaining experience in conducting soft training under supervision of specialists. arvato encourages me to constantly develop my skills, which increases my chances in the labour market.  I do not perceive it as a waste of time, on the contrary - my company cares for me.”


Interviews were performed and written down by Ilona Gumińska, intern from the Department of PR & Marketing.

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