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Interview with Filip

 How did you get to arvato? How was the recruitment carried out?

 I started to work for arvato in 2005 as a student of Poznań University of Economics. In winter 2004/2005 my girlfriend (currently, my wife) found the job ad in a newspaper. It concerned a job for American airlines. As I knew both English and German, I was invited for the initial recruitment interview. After the interview I was invited for the so-called Assessment Center and then I was offered the job. Unfortunately, it turned out that the project’s go live was postponed but I was offered a temporary job for a different, German-speaking project. I agreed and this is how my adventure in arvato services Poland started.

What is the story of you working for arvato?

As a student, I could only work part time and whenever I had such a possibility. During the summer I worked within a German-speaking project and in autumn I was transferred to United Airlines project, i.e. where I was to work from the very beginning. As the months passed by I was gaining knowledge and experience in two sectors at the same time – in the contact center and airlines sectors. In 2006, I needed 3 free months to finish the practice as a pilot/resident because I studied Tourism. I got back to work at the end of the summer and fortunately I could easily make up for the lost time. In less than one year I was offered the job of the Operational Coordinator and I accepted it. I worked as the Operational Coordinator until March 2009, i.e. until the moment when I passed the recruitment process for the Deputy Operational Manager for easyJet project. New project, new people, new challenges. The implementation period was very short. As soon as it finished, I was informed that I could become the Operational Manager. Practically, at that time the most turbulent period in the history of easyJet and the airline sector started. A heavy winter grounded most European airports. When the ice eased off a little and we saw light at the end of the tunnel our plans were crossed once more by a volcano bearing a “pleasant” name of Eyjafjallajökull, which seriously hampered the air traffic. At the beginning of December I finished my cooperation with the eJ team and moved to United, where I worked as Operational Manager again. I was very glad to work in a business which I co-constructed from the very beginning, however, on the other hand, I was sad to leave the easyJet team.

What do you do in arvato now?

 Since December 2010 I have been the Operational Manager for the United project. I manage one of the oldest projects, employing approx. 80 employees. The project managed for this renown Customer is tranquil and stable, which does not mean that the “surprises” typical for the airline sector do not disturb our work.

Your biggest success so far while working for arvato

Gaining experience with different jobs and knowledge in many fields of business.

I like my work because ... it is full of surprises that boost my development

 My hobby?

So far, my main and only hobby has been sport, preferably team sports (especially football). Both at work and during free time I follow the principle of team work, where everybody is an important element of the whole. Right now, the biggest part of my days and nights (except for work) is filled by my newborn son – Gabriel. My nights are sleepless now.




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