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Interview with Krzysztof
Krzysztof, I would like to start the interview in an unusual way. I am sure that you remember your first day of work in arvato. Tell us, what is the first spontaneous association that comes to your mind now?
Frost and snow (seeing the expression on my face – laugh). I started to work in arvato in December, on the 12th of December 1994, to speak more precisely.
It means that this year you will finish your 17th year in arvato.
Precisely. I started my career as a machine operator and I did this job for two years.
Did anything new happen in 1996?
I was promoted to the function of the Deputy Lettershop Manger.
How long did you works as the Deputy Lettershop Manger?
For three years. In 1999 I became the Lettershop Manager.
The new millennium surely brought another positive changes.
That’s right. In 2004 I was appointed Publishers Dispatch Manager and ISO Proxy.
It is an impressive career. I have a feeling that it is not the end …
You have the right feeling (laugh). In 2008 I took the position of the Quality Assurance Manager and ISO Proxy which I hold until now.
I also have a feeling that your development in arvato is still to come. Let’s concentrate, however, on your current function. Krzysztof, what are the duties of the Quality Assurance Manager and ISO Proxy?
Right now I am responsible for maintaining quality and for improvement in this area. It generally consists in constant monitoring of the level of complaints, auditing production areas, participation in projects in terms of quality. If a quality breach happens, I try along with my colleagues to implement corrective actions and find solutions preventing such errors in the future.
All the time I try to support and help new colleagues with new projects and implementations – I serve them with my experience. Additionally, I fulfill my duties connected with the maintenance and development of the Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO standard. However, I have to mention here that I was lucky to work within a team of great colleagues and superiors. I cannot hide that it also contributed to my “longevity” in arvato.
Congratulations. At the same time I wonder how a person holding such a function spends his free time.
I am married with two sons, I live outside of the city and avail myself of it fully.
Could you say a little more about it?
I love all-day long bicycle trips in the area and even though I know all the routes, every day is different and I discover them anew every time. My garden is my challenge and a pleasure at the same time.
Just as I thought – a professionally active person spends his free time in an active manner as well. Krzysztof, admit that there are moments when we all quieten down and sit comfortably in an armchair. What do you do then? Do you reach for the remote or maybe for a newspaper?
I love reading books – all kinds of them and preferably a few of them at the same time. It allows to adapt the content to your mood.
Krzysztof, thank you for your precious time. I wish you many successes!
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