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Interview with Angelika


Good morning, Angelika. Is it your dog in the photograph on your desk?
Good morning, Yes, this is my Oscar.
He must be very proud of his Owner. Angelika, I will take up just a few minutes of your time to ask you about your career path in arvato.
Of course. Where do you want to start?
Traditionally, from the following question: how long have you worked in arvato?
It is difficult to believe but it has been my sixteen years now. Some might say that 16 years is a lot of time to work in one company, but taken the variety of task, constant changes and the dynamism, this period seems much shorter than in reality.
It sounds like an interesting beginning. Please, tell us about your first steps in arvato.
I started to work in arvato in 1995 as a Packaging and Packing Employee. I was responsible for packaging of orders for Customers.
In 1997 you took on the job of the Returns Employee and in 2000 your were promoted to a Forewoman.
That’s right. For seven years I worked diligently as a Forewoman.
... to take a managerial job in 2007, i.e. of the Production Department Manager.
Yes, for almost 4 years I have worked as the Production Department Manger. The department composes of the Returns Department dealing with returns and complaint management and the Front Office Department handling questionnaires and orders, issuing and correcting invoices and a widely-understood customer service.
For how many Employees is the Production Department Manager responsible?
Every day I manage approx. 50 people working for our 27 Customers form different segments of the market, having different requirements and within different cooperation models. At the same time I supervise the course and optimization of processes in my departments.
These are not all of your duties, I suppose.
You are right. I am also responsible for implementing new Customers. I also manage projects as well as organize and coordinate the work of my team. My duties also include recruiting new employees. I supervise compliance with ISO procedures in my areas as well as timeliness and quality of the works.
Could you shortly describe the biggest success of your professional career in arvato?
For me, the fact of having created a dynamic, well-trained team of great, well-coordinated people cooperating with each other, thanks to whom I am sure that all the objectives will always be achieved and the deadlines met, is a big success. These are the elements contributing to the satisfaction of our Customers and high quality. Additionally, we keep on improving not only the competences of our employees, but also all the processes in all the areas in order to increase the level of our customer service and to meet all market needs.
Congratulations, Angelika. Share a secret with us and tell us how you “charge your batteries” after such an active day.
I prefer active forms of recreation.
Well … I am not surprised (laugh).
I have loved horse-riding since I was a child and every year in winter I go skiing. I like spending my holidays at the sea or hiking in the Polish mountains. I love dancing. The best way to relax after work, however, is to walk with my dog.
With Oscar from the photo?
Yes (smile). However, I have to admit shyly that I also love sweets.
I also love them. Angelika, thank you for all the valuable pieces of information. I wish you further successes in arvato!
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