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Interview with Anna


Hello Ania. I can see the first signs of spring on your desk! Beautiful tulips! And look at the order …
Oh, how nice. Thank you.
Ania, you have worked for arvato for a few years now …
Let me correct you slightly (laugh) – several years.
Congratulations! Your career must have developed quite well over these years. Can you give away a few details?
Of course. What would you like to know?
First of all – how long have you worked in arvato?
I started as a production employee in 1998.
What did you do at the beginning of your career in arvato?
For 2 years I packaged mail for Customers. My basic tool was a specification on the basis of which I prepared mail for Customers. At that time I was also responsible for deleting Customers to whom mail was not sent on a given day from mailing lists and dispatch registers.
Surely, you were promoted later?
Exactly. I was promoted to an employee of EDV-ElektronischeDaten-Verarbeitung, i.e. Electronic Data Processing.
What does it mean? What were your duties?
I was responsible for warehouse management. My faithful friend there was the computer. From the then warehouse management system the so-called outbound list was printed every day, which was used to dispose of the outbound goods. I remember that I had to deal with a lot of documents (laugh) at that time. Goods outbound, inbound, movement documents, … there were plenty of them. My duties also consisted in keeping quantity and efficiency reports for Customers as well as generating and sending inventory balance reports. I also created and sent free packs to libraries, publishers and authors.
What happened later?
Since 2004 I was responsible for production planning and scheduling the working time of production employees. I also used the computer a lot and I was improving the ability to use the spreadsheet. For the purposes of controlling it was necessary to report the working time of all production employees broken up into cost carriers – i.e. areas and Customers to which dispatches were made. My duty was to create individual quarterly work schedules for each employee.
The next step on my career path after staff planning issues was production planning. I accepted and issued production tasks particulars, I determined the time of database preparation and processing of orders for printing. Based on the assumed efficiencies I determined the time necessary for handing production orders. These duties have taught me creative thinking, good working time organization and have helped me improve my negotiation skills.
The tulips on the desk make me think that your career kept on developing.
You are right. Today, thanks to the possibilities I was offered by arvato and my involvement in work I have the pleasure to be the Shift Manager for the Lettershop and Print Shop. At each stage of my career the human potential has been my most important tool. Studying social sciences with the specialization of human resources management at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań I learned about effective human resources management.
I believe that the efficiency in human resources management translates, among others, into high quality of products and services, faster pace of innovation or more effective cooperation with Customers.
My scope of duties as a Shift Manager is, among other things, planning production processes within my field of duties, delegating tasks, organizing and coordinating the works of the team, recruitment, employee appraisal, calculating motivation bonuses, determining the scopes of duties and objectives for the employees in the Department, determining, monitoring and exacting efficiency for services provided by the Department, timely and reliable performance of production tasks – in compliance with ISO procedures as well as running and implementing projects.
Despite of all these duties I can see a happy person full of energy.
My work still brings me satisfaction and motivation for further development of my managerial skills. Every day at work I meet a great team, I am satisfied when I can help and advise someone, boost their involvement and encourage them to act.
Can you tell us what has been your greatest professional success so far?
I think that my greatest professional success has been the fact that I can still see a possibility of growth and self-improvement. I enjoy the dynamic character of my work, the changes introduced, cooperation with a dedicated team and this is why I do not feel “burnt out” or bored.
It is nice to hear that work can bring such satisfaction. How do you combine your professional duties with your private life?
I love harmony, when all is in its right place and happens in the right time, and in spite of the fact that it is difficult to maintain such a rhythm all the time, this scenario brings me peace and balance.
When I feel overworked I recover best spending time with my family. It does not matter whether we go for a walk, to the cinema, theatre or whether we just stay at home and watch a good movie together.
My dream is to travel, see the world with all its variety, get to know and get inspired by different cultures. In practice, I can do it only once a year, but during each journey I try to see and discover as much as possible and each journey feeds my appetite for life more and more.
Ania, thank you very much for such a nice conversation. At the same time I wish you further dynamic development in arvato and even bigger appetite for life!


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