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Interview with Aldona

Why did you apply for an internship in arvato?

After the fourth year of my studies I began to search for internship announcements. I wanted to gain first professional experience, which in a later stage would help me to find a permanent job. arvato was one of the companies that was looking for an intern.
Where did you find us?
I found an internship announcement on infopraca.pl.
What made you to undertake an internship in arvato?
At the stage of applying for an internship it is hard to talk about some particular reasons. I was at such a stage of my life, when I was finishing my studies and I had to start thinking about the future. It is well known that it is hard for students to find the first employer who would trust them and give a chance to demonstrate their skills in practice, even during an internship. arvato has trusted me.
How did you assess your chances at the beginning?
At the beginning I approached the tasks assigned very unsteadily. Because of the lack of the previous experience, everything was new to me. At the beginning of my work in arvato I was a very shy and rather insecure person, and therefore each new task was quite stressful for me. Despite many fears, I always did my best to make my superiors satisfied with my work. I knew that each additional task, in the context of professional development, is the next step forward for me. 
Do you remember the first day of your internship?
The first daywas noteasyfor me. It was the first timeI wentinto such a large completely new environmentin a corporation. As far asI remember,most of the day I spentgetting to know thedepartmentscooperating with thePurchasingDepartmentand the peopleworkingin them. The firsttasks thatwere entrusted to meconcerned a typicalwork of an intern, which was related to invoices, organisingdocuments andphotocopyingthem
Do you actually realise yourself and fulfil the company’s expectations in the field you have chosen?
I would like to leave the issue of fulfilling the company’s expectations in purchasing to comment to my Boss, Beata Oleszek.
Working in the Purchasing Department allows me to achieve my goals and ambitions. Due to the presence of many areas, such as law, economics, negotiations or projects and the fact that I continuously face new tasks, I constantly develop myself.
What surprised you most during the internship?
The most surprising was the fact that I didn’t have to make coffee to anyone.
More seriously, I was surprised by the tasks that were quite demanding. Already on the second day of my internship I got the task involving finding appropriate trusses. Luckily, I could rely on my friend who helped me in this issue. I was surprised that I had to talk about something I had never seen. Then, it was startling, but now it is the daily bread. As time passed, I had a lot of tasks related to contracts, including the preparation of annexes. I was convinced that the Legal Department handles such matters in every company. With the benefit of hindsight, I think that requiring interns to accomplish also tasks other than photocopying and arranging documents is very good because they have the opportunity to gain more valuable professional experience.
What kind of difficulties did you encounter?
I had the biggest difficulties with answering phone calls. In situations where a person was absent, I was responsible for answering phone calls. I was stressed because I didn’t know the subjects that my colleagues dealt with and I couldn’t help callers.
Did you think about staying in arvato after the first month of the internship?
When I began my internship in arvato, I treated it like one-month experience, after which I could take a few months break to enjoy student’s life.
At the end of the internship I heard that maybe the company will need another pair of hands for a longer time. Because I liked the work, after a few days after the end of my internship, I contacted the Head of the Purchasing Department to ask about the company’s plans. I knew that if they needed an additional employee, they would chose between me and an intern, who had worked there earlier. I was informed that a decision would be made in a few days and I had to wait for a call. Two days later I came to the Purchasing Department again. For the next 3 months of the internship I worked 3 days a week, which allowed me to combine business with pleasure.
Why did you apply for the position?
The position did not matter to me. The most important for me was to gain any experience.
How do you assess your professional capacity after the internship in arvato?
My Boss could assess my professional capacity. After a 4-month internship I was employed under a contract of employment, so it was probably pretty good.
 Do you think that this experience will affect your further actions and a professional career? If so, what?
The experience I gained during the internship caused that I still wanted to be a member of this team and develop my skills in this company and this department.
What did you know about arvato at the beginning? What other face of the company did you discover?
Frankly, I didn’t know anything about arvato. Looking for an internship I was guided by the opinion about the company. At that time the most important for me was to gain experience. It’s a shame to admit but during the interview I said that I didn’t know the company. Fortunately, this didn’t result in rejecting my candidature for the position of an intern.
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