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India 2011


India 2011
In summer 2011, the United project participated in an international competition organised for all service providers by the Client, United Airlines. The aim was to obtain the greatest possible improvement in quality, measured with the effectiveness ratio (effectiveness of calls means the ratio of calls rated at 100% correctly, in relation to all playback).
Our project had not only the largest increase (from 86% to 93%), but also the highest qualitative result in the history (96% in June and 93% in the closed quarter). This means that 93% of calls were rated as flawless.
In addition to a financial reward the project also received a certificate and a trophy. The official awards ceremony was held on 21 October 2011 at the conference “United Suppliers Summit” in New Delhi. Here is a brief report of our winners:
arvato was represented by Lidia Kujel (SV, the RES Department), Filip Kanikowski (UE Operations Manager), Dominika Zięba (TL and TR, the RES Department) and Katarzyna Hat (TL and TR, the TBM Department).
Day 1:
7:10 a.m. – Landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
After a night-long flight from Poznań through Munich we finally reached Delhi. Wasting no time, we went quickly to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day after checking in and to explore Delhi a bit, and, of course, take the opportunity to do shopping.
We came back to the hotel late in the evening.
Day 2:
9:00 a.m. – An all-day conference with the awards ceremony. We were awarded the desired trophy, which was handed by Martin Hand, Vice-President of United Airlines, and we also received congratulations from others, including Heather Munson, our Project Manager.
The conference was full of information associated with the internal structure of United and the status of activities related to the merger with Continental Airlines.
Day 3:
6:00 a.m. – The third day was not one of the happiest days of our stay. Early in the morning we set out to reach the Taj Mahal located in Agra, about 250 km from Delhi.
Unfortunately, on about 210 kilometre of our way we had an accident, during which, to our misfortune, our car was destroyed. A lorry hit the rear of our car, while pushing us into the coach. At the same time, I wish to deny rumours that I was the driver of any of the two cars;).
After going out from the stuck car, we didn’t feel like further exploring India. We decided to go back. Unfortunately, we had the choice to wait (about 4 hours) for a new means of transport or hitchhike. Waiting was not an option, even because of the wilderness that surrounded us. First, we stopped the rickshaw, which transported us to the well-known waypoint to tourists from around the world – McDonald’s (we passed it a few kilometres before the accident). Glory to Ronald! Here, after a few moments we found our return transport.
Day 4
We have never enjoyed a return like that time.
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