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A travel assignment to Berlin

On April 22, just after Easter and on my birthday, we set off with our trainer Dawid Ceglarek to Berlin. Our place of destination was the office of our Customer - American Express. For David, it was initially a “journey into the unknown", but I already had a chance to visit this place at the end of October last year. But this time I had a different task and I was in a different role. First of all, I wanted to look at the work and tasks of the Team Leader.

Christopher Mohr, the head of the Shared team, prepared a program for us for the whole stay. We had an opportunity  not only to watch  the work of the Team Leader, but we also took part in various meetings, both with employees, "internal trainers" and the managerial staff.

Another important goal of our stay was to see the work of agents who have been performing their tasks for a long time and are true experts in their profession. We wanted to see and compare what we do well and what we should pay attention to and still learn.

            In addition, we were glad that we will see our colleagues, who in the first months of our work have helped us in Poznan. In such a short time, they made every effort to provide us with their knowledge and skills on how to handle demanding business clients.

On Friday, April 25, full of reflections and a head full of ideas we went back to Poznan and on Monday we shared our insights and knowledge gained from the entire project.


Olena Komarnicka

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