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Travelling with arvato

We perform our daily work in arvato services offices in Poland.


Thanks to modern technologies we are constantly in contact with our Customer’s branches all over the world and many of Employees of arvato services have had an occasion to visit them. Sometimes it is a two or three-day long trip and sometimes a few weeks’ journey. Regardless of the length of the stay, the benefits are invaluable. First, the basic ones, like dispatching business and direct meetings with our associates whom we have known so far only from their e-mail addresses. The benefits connected with the journey itself, getting to know the country, culture and customs, using the occasion to make acquaintances and friends are equally important and this is why there must be time for informal meetings and sightseeing.
You will see the unusual distant and close places that Employees of arvato services could visit in connection with their duties. 
VIA Club is a unique motivation program, where arvato’s Employees gather points for their everyday duties. The points collected can be exchanged for attractive prizes in an Intranet shop. The program, which is very popular and renown, is an additional positive aspect of the tasks carried out by Employees every day in the company. We are planning a survey soon, which will allow us to get to know the level of Employee satisfaction with VIA Club program. Results to be announced soon …

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